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Digital marketing strategy can include:

  • Consultancy: Recommend tools and strategies suited to your business.

  • Audits: Assess where you rank on Google search and social media searches, and suggest how you can improve

  • Website management: Increase search traffic to your site through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or paid Google Ads

  • Branding: Create consistent branding across your website and social media. A recognisable brand is a trusted brand!

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Social media management can include:

  • Content planning: Create a calendar outlining how your social media channels will work together to support your business

  • Social media scheduling: Ensure you meet your content calendar deadlines and give your business a consistent social media presence

  • Analytics: Measure the success of your social media strategy and optimise it for better results

  • Content: Create quality content for your social media strategy

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Influencer marketing packages may include:

  • Sourcing: Find trusted, reliable influencers who work in your industry and will boost awareness with your target audiences

  • Outreach: Get in contact with the right people, in the right way to optimise the  success of your influencer campaign. 

  • Supporting content: Ensure agreements allow you to repurpose content for your own social media and further marketing purposes.

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